Many organisations get stuck in the training rut and fail to realise that the safety training they do may have little impact in the work place.

Yes, there will be some mandatory training to be completed but after that what training should you have your staff undertake? Whatever you decide needs to be cost effective and add value to your safety work.

Once you have your list of relevant training the next dilemma is how should you get that training delivered?

Should you leave training delivery to the people in HR? Do you simply outsource your safety training?

Try this idea- identify others in the organisation who are candidates for development.

If you identify individuals who have potential for development into management consider helping their development by putting them through a safety ‘Train the Trainer’ course. And bingo! You now have a part-time in-house trainer who can save you ££££s. You could implement this idea on your own, or if you have the luxury of HR or career development department look to them for help.

If you have some specific training for the person to deliver, why not bring in some support to design the course.

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