Our mission is to provide a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to managing health and safety.


HASS was founded by Ian Halloway.

After 38 years of experience in Engineering Management and General Management, Ian spent 7 years implementing all aspects of Health and Safety Management for large organisations.

Ian realised that smaller organisations couldn’t always afford the luxury of a dedicated health and safety person, but would benefit from having the same kind of service and support on a smaller, pay as you go basis.


HASS specialises in designing and implementing all aspects of Safety Management Systems.

The adoption of a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach is a fundamental part of the HASS mission.

Starting with a base-line review of the companies’ operation, HASS can provide the key services required or produce the safety management plan for your organisation including how you can achieve an implementation of your plan.


When it comes to managing health and safety it is the unique nature of an organisation that creates the greatest challenge for companies.

It can be daunting and time consuming to unpick the plethora of regulations and requirements. That’s where we come in.

HASS has a comprehensive range of services including- health and safety management, staff training, monitoring and consultancy.

Our Mission

HASS was founded with one aim in mind; to provide affordable, high quality, health & safety services that can be tailored to fit all size and type of business. For HASS the guiding principle is keep everything straightforward and concentrate on managing the key areas of risk in the business.

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Save £££££s

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