HASS believes

When it comes to managing health and safety, it is the unique nature of an organisation that creates the greatest challenge for companies.

It can be daunting and time consuming to unpick the plethora of regulations and requirements.

That’s where we come in.


At HASS we understand that organisations will have different Health and Safety requirements.

We pride ourselves on being able to support you at all stages of your health and safety implementation. That is why we start with a thorough baseline review of your current health and safety management. From there we work with you on a bespoke and focused plan for your company.


Training is a fundamental aspect of managing health & safety.

It is essential that businesses provide the right mix of training for their employees. Whether you need some modules for your induction sessions, annual mandatory safety training or training to support specific roles, we can provide what you need.


An essential part of managing health and safety is having assurance that what you have in place is relevant and working well.

This is best achieved through a planned assurance programme.
At HASS we can help you design your assurance programme and support you with carrying out reviews.


We pride ourselves on providing the support you need to ensure that your business is safe and effective.

We offer additional support services and can work with you to provide follow-on services as and when you need them.
Whether you need a specific continuous improvement programme or want to re-energise your existing health and safety system, HASS is confident of being able to help you.

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