Wikipedia defines a system as, “a regularly interacting or interdependent group of units forming an integrated whole.”

Your Safety Management System is made up of components that you put in place to help your organisation go about its work whilst ensuring employees are safe, healthy and happy.

  • Safety policy, Safety plan
  • Process, procedure
  • Roles, responsibilities
  • Risk assessment, COSHH, Fire Safety, Manual Handling
  • Training
  • Safe Operating Controls
  • Incident, accident, near-miss reporting
  • Investigation
  • Safety improvement
  • Assurance by review, independent audit
  • Information, communication, meetings
  • Develop positive safety behaviour
  • Nurture respectful safety challenge
  • Encourage open & honest safety debate
  • No blame culture, fairness & respect
  • Reward and recognition
  • Commitment for all
  • Strong safety leadership
  • Empathy
  • Staff feel cared for
  • Act with integrity and purpose
  • Learning culture, reporting culture
  • Accept accountability & responsibility

People and Behaviour

The key to a safe working environment are your people.

You may well have implemented a very comprehensive safety management system but if your people have a negative attitude to safety and unsafe behaviour goes unchecked, your safety management system could fail at any time. For a system to be effective, everyone must play their part. Many organisations put massive effort into the safety system but forget to take their people on the safety journey. Getting a healthy balance of system and people functions is crucial.

  • Step 1

    HASS Review of your Health and Safety Management

    At HASS, we pride ourselves on being able to support you at all stages of your health and safety implementation. That is why we start with a thorough baseline review of your current health and safety management. From there we work with you on a bespoke and focused delivery plan for your company.

  • Step 2

    HASS provide services specific to your plan

    HASS can help you focus on the services you require to support the implementation of your delivery plan. If we need to engage other professional service providers, we can use our contacts in the business to get you exactly what you need.

    Step 2

  • Step 3

    HASS Health and Safety Engagement

    An important part of improving your Health & Safety Management is to have good communication throughout the organisation. In addition, having available some fundamental training and facilitated workshops can keep employees engaged in health & safety.

  • Step 4

    HASS produce your Assurance Plan

    An essential part of managing health and safety is having assurance that what you have in place is relevant and working well. This is best achieved through a scheduled assurance programme.

    At HASS we can help you design your assurance programme and support you with carrying out reviews. You will benefit from a continuous improvement programme with action planning, tracking and action close out.

    Step 4

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